Trust your next major project in Perth or Karratha to the premier construction surveyors in Western Australia

Major infrastructure projects around Perth and Karratha in Western Australia and in the rest of the country begin with the assistance of engineering and construction surveyors. Their assistance is the key to the success of every major project that begins in Australia. At Xcel Surveying, we have been involved in a number of such projects. As construction surveyors in Perth, we have been involved in some of the largest projects in the country. We provide our site surveying services to three key areas: oil and gas, urban infrastructure and resource. What helps us in securing work on these projects is our team of professionals which consists of licenced surveyors and certified engineering surveyors. These individuals remain committed to working on the most challenging and technical major projects in Australia and around the world.

What makes great construction surveyors in Western Australia?

To handle the types of projects that we have worked on through the years, we have developed a dedicated, highly trained and skilled team of professionals. Our surveyors must have the skills necessary to complete the job. For the best results, surveyors with specialised training need to work in their discipline. A surveyor that has dedicated his work to high precision structural projects is not best suited for an earthworks project and vice versa. At Xcel Surveying, we provide our clients with specialised services so that they get the best quality outcome.

Surveyors also need the latest in technology to be successful. There are continuous improvements in surveying technology and Xcel Surveying stays ahead of the pack. With advanced measuring technology, we can provide our clients with quality, accurate measurements. Because of our skill level and updated technology, our clients are confident that we will deliver their surveying requirements on time, accurately and within the confines of their budget.

Successful construction surveyors in Western Australia also need an outstanding offsite support team. At Xcel Surveying, you will work with the best of the best at all levels. From surveyors, management and technical support, administration support and more, the team at Xcel Surveying offers you the best in terms of experience, efficiency and value.

Our Major Projects in Western Australia

We have completed a number of projects in Western Australia. Our team of professionals was engaged to work on Woodside's Pluto project, an onshore processing plant that took over two years to construct. Our construction surveyors were involved in each stage of the process working for clients such as Monadelphous and United Group Limited. The major project was a huge success and that is a direct reflection of the individuals that make up the Xcel Surveying team.

With a commitment to high-quality service and dedication to providing accurate spatial solutions, we have been able to work on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the country. The Gorgon project, operated by Chevron, is the one of the world's biggest natural gas projects. We have also provided surveying solutions for major resource projects for engineering construction in Western Australia. For example, Xcel Surveying provided audit surveys for the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal located in Gladstone Queensland. Our work will help the terminal in improving its long-term capacity to export coal.

For your next major project, call the construction surveyors near Perth and Karratha you can trust. Call Xcel Surveying on 08 9368 0184 or fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you promptly.