How Perth based Xcel Surveying is building its reputation among Engineering Surveying Companies in Western Australia

Over the course of our eight-year history, we have built a reputation as one of the best and most valuable engineering surveying companies in Western Australia. Our track record continues to speak for itself. We have worked on some of the largest urban, resource and oil and gas infrastructure projects in all of Australia. It all starts with our amazing team of certified engineering and licenced surveyors. Because of their talents and experience we are able to provide site surveying and spatial solutions to projects in Perth and throughout Western Australia. There are many reasons why.

Highly Trained and Experienced Staff at Xcel Surveying

As stated, our company's success is directly related to our people. From our engineering surveyors to support personnel, our people are dedicated to providing outstanding quality and service to our clients. Surveying is a unique discipline that does require some intense training. Our surveyors are all highly trained and suited to the scope of the work. This ensures that our clients receive tremendous value by reducing downtime, increasing productivity and saving on project costs.

The Latest in Surveying Technology

When you pair one of the most respected engineering surveying companies in WA with state-of-the-art technology, you get reliable, accurate results. Our talented engineering surveyors use the latest most advanced software and equipment that helps to drastically reduce the amount of time needed for a variety of tasks. Because of the reduced time, our engineering surveyors are able to provide results in real time without having to analyse data and calculate the findings. Our team also uses the latest in digital imagery and 3D laser scanning. This helps in providing clients with the most accurate measurements delivered in a timely fashion.

The Best Engineering Surveying Companies in Western Australia Have Outstanding Support Teams

No matter how talented a company's surveyors are, they still need the support of management, a strong information technology team and administrative support. At Xcel Surveying, we provide the support necessary to make sure that our people excel. Ongoing support is needed throughout the course of a project to ensure that it is completed on time and to the budget. Our support team can assists with offsite equipment calibrations, logistics of equipment and people and processing survey data and calculations to name a few. Without a great support team, our reputation would be not what it is today.

Billions in Major Project Experience

Companies that engage Xcel Surveying for their projects do so knowing that we have prior experience working on some of the largest projects in Australia. Our projects span road construction, marine construction, pipeline construction, civil/concrete construction, and much more. We have worked on infrastructure projects worth more than $100 billion just in the last six years alone. From our main office in Perth, we have the capability and the necessary experience to provide our expertise to projects Australia wide. We are even sourcing opportunities around the globe.

In your search for engineering companies in Perth, consider Xcel Surveying. We have proven that we can add value to any project with our outstanding quality and commitment to serving our clients. Call us for a complimentary consultation on 08 9368 0184. You may also fill out our online contact form and we will you contact you.