Your Perth, Port Hedland, or Kalgoorlie Projects depend upon reliable, accurate Engineering Surveyors in Western Australia

Major projects across Western Australia realise the importance of having quality engineering surveyors involved. Xcel Surveying has been providing its expertise in surveying for roads, railways, pipelines and other engineering projects for several years. With our team of specialists, we are able to provide surveying and spatial solutions across Australia for resource, urban and oil and gas infrastructure projects. Our team consists of licenced surveyors and certified engineering surveyors that have worked on some of the largest and most challenging infrastructure projects in the country. We are quickly becoming the preferred engineering surveyors in Western Australia because of our outstanding team and its use of the latest technology in the industry.

The Importance of an accurate Engineering Survey

When you begin talking about major infrastructure projects, it is easy to see why accurate engineering surveyors near Perth are needed on the job. Having knowledgeable, experienced surveyors on site can help a project continue to stay true to scope and on budget.

Our list of completed commercial building projects is extensive. Clients in Perth (Western Australia) understand that we can provide them with outstanding value. We work closely with the construction team and tailor our services to meet specific project requirements and project schedules. We provide a dedicated project surveyor for your project to oversee the surveying requirements from start to finish. Xcel Surveying is currently working for a range of clients that are heavily involved in the Perth (Western Australia) commercial building industry such as; BGC, ADCO, Universal Constructions, Georgiou Group. Some of the surveying services we provide are:

  • Building Setouts.
  • Footing Setouts.
  • Grid Line Setouts.
  • Retaining Wall Setouts.
  • Earthworks Site Preparations.
  • Volume and quantity calculations
  • Boundary Re-Establishments.
  • Topographic Surveys.
  • Hold-Down Bolt Positioning... And more.

At Xcel Surveying, our team has worked on some of the largest Infrastructure projects in Australia. We have worked (and are still working) on the Chevron-operated Gorgon LNG Project, which is one of the largest natural gas projects in the entire world. It is also the largest single-resource development in Australia. We have worked with a variety of companies including Monadelphous, Thiess, and Leighton Contractors on contract such as Temporary Facilities, Civil & underground Services, Site Preparation, and Miscellaneous Civils. We have been able to meet all of the requirements set by the project in a timely and efficient manner.

Experienced Engineering Surveyors near Port Hedland

Xcel Surveying's team has worked on a variety of urban infrastructure projects. We were contracted in 2009 to assist with the upgrade of the Port Hedland intersection upgrade. Because of the new general cargo facility that was built at Utah Point, the intersection needed to be upgraded. Xcel Surveying provided road construction services to assist with helped the project toward completion.

Arrange a Project Consultation

If you have major urban, resource or oil and gas infrastructure project needs that include engineering surveyors near Perth, Kalgoorlie and Port Hedland call us to book a consultation. One of our team members can speak with you about how we can provide your project with quality service. Call us on 08 9368 0184 or fill out our online contact form for more information.