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With great progress comes equally great complications. The Western Australian economy has recently experienced a construction boom, with an expanding population and an accelerated export demand triggering a need for new structures (Study Perth suggests that the region will soon become a market powerhouse, further stimulating development). As the premier feature survey service in Perth, Xcel Surveying recognises that these new structures may suffer from costly oversights:

  • Improper Planning.
  • Insufficient Materials.
  • Inaccurate Drafting.
  • Ineligible Permits.

These mistakes can prove expensive, interrupting the building process and undermining the efforts of architectural teams. This is why contour surveys in Perth are so important - ensuring that every site is carefully assessed before construction begins.

Xcel Surveying: About Us

Since 2008 Xcel Surveying has served as Western Australia's premier Major Project Specialists. Our team, which boasts ISO 9001, ISO 140001, and AS 4801 certifications, delivers dedicated support to the Oil and Gas, Resource and Urban Infrastructure markets. They also provide feature surveying in Perth, connecting clients to expedited assessments and topographical planning. As the city expands, this will become essential.

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Examining Feature Survey Services in Perth

Contour surveys in Perth prove crucial to a developing market, connecting architectural and engineering teams to the precision they need. To stabilise every timeline - helping to eliminate those costly pre-planning mistakes - our team expertly assesses locations for a variety of site features, including:

  • Existing Buildings and Structures.
  • Trees and Landscaping.
  • Footpaths and Driveways.
  • Fencing and Retaining Walls.
  • Service Lines and Valves.
  • Ground-Level Heights.

Our extensive feature surveying services in Perth quickly map every topography, providing clients with accurate data points. We then insert these data points into specialised drafting software, generating scale models to showcase potential build-sites and cut-and-fill locales.

Through our contour surveying in Perth, construction teams can better understand the development needs of every project - they can then address those needs in both the planning and engineering processes. The procedure eliminates potentially costly complications.

Choosing Our Feature Survey Services in Perth: A Commitment to Quality

To achieve accurate contour surveys in Perth, our team adheres to all national policies (including those established by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the Australian Standards (AS) committee). Through certification we deliver quality.

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As the leading Major Project Specialists in Perth, Xcel Surveying recognises the rapid change occurring in Western Australia. To accommodate this change, we provide our clients with qualified feature surveying.

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