Xcel Surveying Provides, Feature And Contour Surveys, Detail And Topographic Surveying Services Throughtout Perth And Western Australia.

The necessity of topographic surveys in Perth is undeniable - with architectural teams, engineers and drafting firms utilising them for all land development and construction projects. Through these precise mappings, the entire construction process can be simplified.

As the leading feature surveyors in Perth, Xcel Surveying knows that establishing topography isn't enough to secure development. The rules of the Western Australian Planning Council (WAPC) must be abided - with teams adhering to both national and local standards. Often this proves a challenging task for first-time project managers.

It does not need to be an impossible one. Instead, our contour surveyors in Perth connect clients to the compliance aid they need, guiding teams through the WAPC process and ensuring seamless development. To learn more contact us today.

Xcel Surveying: About Us

Since 2008 Xcel Surveying has provided our clients with dedicated service and Major Project Specialisation. Through construction and detail surveys in Perth, we've helped to further a variety of sectors, including: transportation, commercial developments, industrial developments and entertainment facilities. Our qualified team delivers both dedicated support and extensive technical abilities.

As the premier feature surveyors in Perth, they also deliver WAPC knowledge. When launching a construction project, teams may struggle with early planning operations. We now streamline them.

When are Topographic Surveys in Perth Needed?

A detail survey in Perth is a key element to the development of land. Teams must first understand how the WAPC defines this process. Surveys are required when:

One: any demolition, erection, construction, alteration of or addition to any building or structure on the land;

Two: the carrying out on the land of any excavation or other works;

Three: in the case of a place to which a Conservation Order made under section 59 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 applies, any act or thing that;

(i) is likely to change the character of that place or the external appearance of any building; or

(ii) would constitute an irreversible alteration of the fabric of any building.

These forms of land development render contour surveyors in Perth necessary.

Are There any Timeline Restrictions on Topographic Surveys in Perth?

The WAPC accommodates construction schedules, affording a flexible timeline on detail survey submissions in Perth. Teams have up to four years to submit findings for projects exceeding five land lots and three years for other projects.

Should teams fail to provide their plans to the WAPC, the work of feature surveyors in Perth is then voided.

What Should Topographic Surveys Include?

The work of qualified contour surveyors in Perth - such as Xcel Surveying - should include assessments of:

  • Pre-Existing Structures.
  • Adjoining or Adjacent Structures.
  • Trees.
  • Retaining Walls.
  • Services (including manholes and valves).
  • Footpaths.
  • Driveways.

Through the all WAPC planning guidelines can be properly addressed.

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Manoeuvring through the many regulations of the WAPC is difficult. Our qualified team ensures simple surveying and precise results. Schedule an appointment with us today.